Welcome to the "original" Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, also called the EHOF and is within the EpiCenter, and founded and created over 13 years ago by serial and social Entrepreneur Mitch Schlimer while the founder and Chairman of the Let's Talk Business Network" (LTBN). Mitch sold LTBN in order to focus the rest of his life on his biggest and most important VISION which is a physical facility for the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame which eventually became the cornerstone of the EpiCenter which is all about "Illuminating The Past, Empowering The Present and Empowering The Future" for Entrepreneurs of all ages from around the World.

Over the years the EpiCenter and its Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame have accomplished much including having some memorable events and celebrations and none greater then the Induction Events into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame which were called the " Academy Awards of Entrepreneurship" in the Huffington Post and other media outlets as some of the greatest entrepreneurs on earth, and more, including the press and youth got to witness live the Induction and the speeches by the Inductees that touched everybody.

The vision is to create a physical facility which is alive and well, and never has been needed more then TODAY, especially after the devastation caused to Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and more during the last year by Covid-19. Mitch is more determined then ever to get the EpiCenter and its Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame located and built now as the timing has never been better, especially based on the Mission, which is to "dramatically increase the odds of success of all those that dare to go into business" as they are the true lifeblood of America and the American Economy and not just big Corporations.


The Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame & Museum (EHOF), located within the EpiCenter, is the premier destination to recognize and celebrate the major contributions to the world by the greatest entrepreneurs in history. It will also be the "epicenter" for studying and teaching entrepreneurship, especially to our youth from all over the world while always striving to dramatically increase the odd of success for business owners instead of the reality of the very high failure rates of businesses during the first two to five years and that was before Covid-19 which has changed everything.


The EpiCenter which is the home of the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame’s purpose is to have one major facility which will aggregate all those involved in Entrepreneurship, along with a major goal of significantly increasing the probability of start-up success. It will be the preeminent place to learn from the journeys of the greatest entrepreneurs who have ever lived from around the world, as OPE (Other Peoples Experience) is invaluable to those seeking to open a business or be more successful especially when they put everything on the line and all the odds are against success and failure dominates and that was before Covid-19.

Current Stage of Development

The Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame was launched On-Line to start in January of 2008 by its founder, serial and social Entrepreneur Mitchell Schlimer who has been a successful and accomplished Entrepreneur for over 45 years which includes being "The Voice Of Entrepreneurship " as the Producer and host of the Nationally acclaimed radio show " Let's Talk Business" which he ran for over 20 years. It is not by luck that Mitch has been called "the Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur". So you know, the EHOF was originally housed on the world wide web at www.ltbn.com, which Mitch founded over 20 years ago as the Support Network for Entrepreneurs which he eventually sold. Mitch is currently back at it, and looking for the best location and people to collaborate with, especially those that share the same passion and mission that helped create the EpiCenter and its Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame.

Products and Services

The products and services that will be showcased include a complete Hall Of Fame area and museum with exhibits from the inductees plus all the other organizations associated with the Hall. It will have an auditorium and more to produce and air all kinds of programming plus be the place for the actually Induction Events Into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, and much more. There will be paid admissions, annual membership, theater tickets to entrepreneurially-focused films, a Museum Store, a Café and Restaurant, plus educational programs and workshops including Camps (Camp CEO), and facilities for hosting a wide variety of other special events and programming like the "Mentor Awards". 


The EpiCenter and its Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame will appeal to a wide-variety of demographics from all over the world, including: the general public, students of all levels of education, working professionals, corporate university attendees, people who own their own business (over 23M in US alone) and anyone seeking educational enrichment especially those who want to open a business. It will also appeal to museum goers, tourists, business leaders, professionals, historians, and researchers as Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship is a Global phenomenon that has truly defined and created America and has spread around the world.